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Frödin Salar Colour Control Backing 40 lbs
40 lbs
Frödin Salar Colour Control Backing 60 lbs
60 lbs
Frödin Salar Colour Control Backing 80 lbs
80 lbs
Frödin Salar Colour Control Backing
Frödin Salar Colour Control Backing
Frödin Salar Colour Control Backing
Frödin Salar Colour Control Backing

Frödin Salar Colour Control Backing


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Content: 200 meter (€0.22 * / 1 meter)

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Frödin Salar Colour Control Backing

The special feature of the Salar Colour Control Backing from Frödin Flies is the five fluorescent colours per spool. They signal the distance to the fish during the fight and offer you optimum distance control. At the latest when the fluo hot pink part of the backing shoots through the eyes, it's time to pick up your feet and follow the fish.

Frödin's high quality 8-strand polyethylene (PE) backing is highly visible - no matter what light conditions you have on water. It's extremely abrasion resistant and strong, yet has a thin diameter so you can fit it on your reel to save space. The five-colour concept gives you more control to fight and land even the biggest fish in the safest way. The material is not only suitable for use on Salmon rivers, but is also highly recommended for Sea Trout fishing or fishing in tropical saltwater.


Five Color Concept:

  • Fluo Green: Ok, all in control.
  • Fluo Yellow: Some line out good run.
  • Fluo Dark Yellow: Half is gone time to move!
  • Fluo Orange: Follow fast now!!
  • Fluo Hot Pink: Crises! Soon to be spooled!!!



  • High-quality 8-strand polyethylene (PE) backing
  • Extra strong and abrasion resistant
  • 5 fluorescent colours per spool signal distance to the fish
  • Colour: Multicolour


Tip: To increase the optimum knot strength with very thin high performance backing, 'double' the backing in the knot, this doubles the surface area in the knot and increases the knot strength enormously. The resulting 'double loop' also has a positive effect, as the surface area is doubled when looping in and 'cutting in' is reduced.


StrengthDiameterColor ChangeTotal Length
40 lbs (18,2 kg) 0,30 mm 30 m 150 m
60 lbs (27,7 kg) 0,37 mm 40 m 200 m
80 lbs (36,3 kg) 0,45 mm 60 m 300 m
About Frödin Flies:

The Swedish manufacturer Frödin Flies is known worldwide for innovative salmon flies and tying materials. This brand was founded by Mikael Frödin – one of the most influential salmon anglers of our time, who is constantly pushing forward with his products and ideas. In addition to an extensive range of accessories, Frödin Flies also offers you the perfect rods and reels for salmon fishing. Without a doubt, they will easily please the most demanding salmon anglers due to their fantastic design and outstanding quality. Last but not least, according to the slogan “Fight for the Wild Salmon” the Frödin Flies team is constantly fighting for the protection of our wild salmon stocks.