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Alfa Gel Spun Backing 20lb 50 m Example (different length)
Example (different length)
Alfa Gel Spun Backing 20lb 50 m
Alfa Gel Spun Backing 20lb 50 m

Alfa Gel Spun Backing 20lb 50 m

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Content: 50 meter (€0.12 * / 1 meter)

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Alfa Gel Spun Backing 20lb 50 m

Alfa Gel Spun Backing has an extremely thin diameter compared to its high breaking strength. Therefore, it allows you to increase the backing capacity of your reel by up to 70% compared to ordinary Dacron backing. It consists of the so-called Gel Spun polyethylene with a special coating. Thus, it has a very smooth surface and an impressive abrasion-resistance. It creates less drag in the water, due to its thin diameter, which is a great advantage when fighting a large fish. Therefore, it is hardly surprising that this backing is often used for targeting powerful species in saltwater. Nevertheless, these spools with a length of 50 m are particularly great for smaller reels for targeting species such as trout or grayling.

Extremely thin, durable and reliable: the modern Alfa Gel Spun Backing!


  • Very reliable high-quality backing
  • Made of the so-called Gel Spun polyethylene for an impressive strength
  • Retains 100% of its strength when wet
  • Extremely thin diameter for an increase backing capacity of your reel
  • Extremely low stretch for a direct contact to the fish
  • Great abrasion-resistance
  • Slightly coated for a smooth surface
  • Very consistent colour – even after intensive use!
  • Suitable for both salt and fresh water
  • Diameter: 0,23 mm
  • Strength: 9,1 kg (20 lb)
  • Length: 50 m
  • Colour: hot orange
About Alfa:

Since Alfa Fishing Products was founded in 2010, the Finnish company's focus has been on design and innovation. And since day one, design and innovation have been the most important factors driving Alfa Fishing Products. The aim is to provide anglers with unique and novel products that will challenge the way anglers think and the way they think about fly fishing. Particularly popular are Alfa's colourful fly reels, which you can find in many different sizes to cover every situation on the water.