Vision Ace² Running Line
Vision Ace² Running Line

Vision Ace² Running Line


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Content: 30 meter (€1.30 * / 1 meter)

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Vision Ace² Running Line

A new set of running lines to cover all your needs. These were designed with different fishing situations in mind and therefore they have characteristics that are a little bit different. The floating models, which are mostly used for salmon and seatrout fishing, have more stretch than the SloMo and Sinking versions. You don’t want to have a non stretch running line between you and a record size salmon on a fast flowing river, whereas you’ll love the non stretch core on SloMo and Sinking when you are hooking monster pike at the sea. These running lines don’t have any memory whatsoever so there’s no need to stretch them before use. This line has a ready-made loop at one end for smooth and easy attaching to your shooting head. The SloMo version has a very slow, 0.5” per second, sinking rate making it ideal for coastal fishing.
0,027" - 30 m - 15 lbs/6,8 kg -
0,031" - 30 m - 20 lbs/9,0 kg -
0,036" - 30 m - 28 lbs/12,7 kg -
0,040" - 30 m - 30 lbs/13,6 kg -