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Ultimate X Backing Multicolor
Ultimate X Backing Multicolor

Ultimate X Backing Multicolor


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Content: 1 running meter

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Ultimate X Backing Multicolor

One of the best backing materials available! Its diameter strength ratio is outstanding and it is extremely abrasion resistant. Perfect to be used both in fresh- and saltwater.

Capacity + Diameter:

  • 39kg real diameter 0,33mm
  • 51kg real diameter 0,42mm
  • Colour: Multocolor
  • Max. Length: 2000m
  • Colour change 39kg: 5x10m (blue, red, yellow, green, white)
  • Colour change 51kg: 4x25m (blue, red, yellow, green)
The colour change do not only look great, you can also estimate the distance of your running shooting line.

Tip: Double your thread while tiying your knot to increase the knot strength of your high performance backing.