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Fulling Mill Streamer - Salty Clouser oliveBack in
Fulling Mill Streamer - Salty Clouser olive

Fulling Mill Streamer - Salty Clouser olive


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Fulling Mill Streamer - Salty Clouser olive

The English manufacturer Fulling Mill is known for producing modern flies with an outstanding quality – designed by famous fly tyers and made of best materials!

The Salty Clouser is a modern version of the trusted Clouser Minnow. It imitates a small baitfish in a very seductive way – for example a herring, a sardine or a freshwater minnow. It absorbs hardly any water, and therefore it is very easy to cast. Not only saltwater species such as bonefish, but also our local predators such as perch and zander will be fooled by this pattern. And due to its extremely reliable saltwater hook, you will always be ready for the fish of a lifetime. Last but not least, red eyes and the sparkling body provide this streamer with a very striking appearance.

In short: The Salty Clouser will convince both fisherman and fish – without a doubt!


  • Hook: Gamakatsu SL11 (size 6) and Gamakatsu SL12 (size 2 and 2/0)


Tip: This pattern is not only very successful in the tropics, but also extremely effective in our part of the world. Perch, zander and other predators in our home waters can be tricked with this versatile streamer easily!