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Guideline Streamer - Double Gonga tan/yellow
Guideline Streamer - Double Gonga tan/yellow

Guideline Streamer - Double Gonga tan/yellow

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Guideline Streamer - Double Gonga tan/yellow

The Double Gonga Streamer from Guideline is a very effective pattern for fishing for trout. The fly consists of two hooks, each of which has the size #4. Thus, the Double Gonga is very mobile, as it consists of two parts. Also the soft materials used give a great play in the water, even with the slightest movement or low current. To maintain the optimal depth even in strong currents, heavy eyes have been incorporated so that the fly starts sinking directly after coming up. Another advantage for the sinking behavior is the head material. We deliberately did not use deer hair, as this would create too much buoyancy. In order to bring enough volume into the fly, a fur was tied in by means of a dubbing loop and brought into shape. This gives the fly an ingenious silhouette without stopping it from sinking. A well thought-out and very effective pattern, which has a great attraction not only to trout. The fly is also a very good choice for perch and zander.

  • Tan/Yellow
    The bright colors of the Double Gonga Tan Yellow can be used at any time. They are natural enough to offer in clear waters, but also provide enough contrast to fish you in a pleasant turbidity. The perfect go-to color for fat trout.


  • Highly maneuverable streamer pattern tied on two hooks
  • Combination of synthetic and natural materials
  • Weighted by eyes
  • Hook size: 2x #4
  • Length: 9,5 cm
  • Color: Tan Yellow
About Guideline:

The Scandinavian cult brand Guideline offers almost everything that you need for fly fishing. In addition to modern rods and reels, this impressive selection also includes high-quality wading clothes and all kinds of accessories. In fact, all Guideline products have one thing in common: They combine a practice-oriented design with an outstanding value for money. This applies for all price levels – from entry-level to premium models. Furthermore, Guideline places great emphasis on sustainability, which leads to eco-friendly production methods and an inspiring company philosophy.