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Wurm Intruder Streamer 3D-Head Brown Trout
Wurm Intruder Streamer 3D-Head Brown Trout
Wurm Intruder Streamer 3D-Head Brown Trout
Wurm Intruder Streamer 3D-Head Brown Trout

Wurm Intruder Streamer 3D-Head Brown Trout


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Wurm Intruder Streamer 3D-Head Brown Trout

The Wurm Intruder streamers with 3D head are like magnets for predators, no wonder, because the Intuder streamers look deceptively real underwater. The 3D head of the Intruder flies is certainly the eye-catcher bad with these flies. Large, a realistic shape and the elaborate paint job deceive the predators effortlessly. But also the used, high-quality tying materials and the tying method convince us very much. The predator flies with their 3D head from a 3D printing process are available in different sizes and also decors. So there is something for every predator, whether for perch, asp, trout, pike or even hucho.

  • Intruder Streamer 8,5 cm
    The 8,5 cm long, short Intruder flies are the perfect choice for predators like perch or asp, but can also be fished extremely effectively in the river, especially at the beginning and end of the season when trout are particularly hungry.
  • Intruder Streamer 10 cm
    The 10 cm version of the fly is an all-round fly for our local predators. Capital perch, zander and pike are easily seduced with this fly and the sturdy trailer hook with its wide arc ensures a secure hold.
  • Intruder Streamer 16 cm
    The large, 16 cm streamer is a weapon for capital walleye, pike or even catfish. The beefy head of the fly also creates a lot of pressure underwater and thus, as well as with its realistic appearance, attracts the attention of predators. Equally well, this large streamer in the various decors can be excellent fishing for huchen!

Tip: If you want to provide that little extra on your Intruder flies, you can still tie an eye-catching tail on the stable trailer hook, for example, from red Marabou or but you prepare different hooks with different tails. Wiggle tails are also a good option here!


  • Striking streamers with realistic 3D head
  • Tied as an intruder, with a sturdy hook
  • Different, high-quality binding materials and ingenious decorations of the heads
  • 3D from a 3D printing process and a high quality paint finish
  • Pattern: Brown Trout