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Frödin Fly Selection Mikaels 20 Favourite Flies
Frödin Fly Selection Mikaels 20 Favourite Flies

Frödin Fly Selection Mikaels 20 Favourite Flies

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Frödin Fly Selection Mikaels 20 Favourite Flies

The right pattern for every situation!

Frödin Fly Selection fly sets are carefully assembled by Mikael Frödin, whose experience is based on thousands of hours on the water and on various rivers. Each of the sets is tailored to specific weather and water conditions and times of day, so that a suitable pattern for the current conditions can always be found - extremely helpful especially for beginners.

This Frödin set contains 20 of Mikael's favourite flies and comes complete with a Frödin Salar Supreme fly box. In the lid of the boxes there is also a tear and waterproof description and short instructions of the enclosed samples, which give information about specific ways of handling the flies as well as hints about the purpose of each sample - this makes it much easier to find the right fly! Of course, the flies in the Frödin Fly Selection are absolutely perfectly tied patterns. For their production, high-quality binding materials from Mikael Frödin's own range are used, such as 'Salar Synthetic Series' (SSS) and 'Frödin's Improved Tube System' (FITS).

The high quality Frödin Fly Selections make it easy to choose a suitable pattern in a variety of fishing conditions, so that you can concentrate fully on the perfect swing.

Mikaels 20 Favourite Flies: 20 of Mikaels favourite flies "Salar Supreme Fly Box Micro/Hook" fly box