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Superflies Salmon Fly - Silver Glodhack Silver _Glodhack
Silver _Glodhack

Superflies Salmon Fly - Silver Glodhack


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Superflies Salmon Fly - Silver Glodhack

The Silver Goldhack is an absolute weapon for both salmon and sea trout alike. This fly is tied in a similar manner to a Collie Dog, utilizing the tried-and-true color combination of black, red, and silver. The profile and silhouette of the fly are sleek, much like a Sunray Shadow, and it can be fished just as versatilely. Whether stripped quickly or swung at a sharp angle downstream, fish rarely resist the Silver Goldhack, and this holds true throughout the entire season. Black always works, and a long, slender profile is equally effective.

This pattern comes highly recommended for salmon worldwide and is particularly effective for sea trout, whether in Denmark, Sweden, or Argentina.



  • High-quality tube fly from Superflies for salmon and more
  • Excellent all-around pattern for salmon and sea trout
  • Very durable and tied from premium materials
  • Versatile and effective all year round
  • Tied on a plastic tube


Tube LengthWing Length


 6 cm
1 1/2"  8 cm
2"  10 cm
About Superflies:

The flies from the Scandinavian manufacturer Superflies are extremely popular all over the world – especially the large collection of premium salmon flies. In addition to timeless classics, this impressive selection also includes countless modern patterns that have been extremely effective in recent years. In fact, all of these flies have one thing in common: their outstanding quality. Therefore, they consist of high-quality materials tied in a very durable way. Summarized, Superflies offers the perfect salmon fly for every type of fishing – whether a tiny hitch or a heavily weighted tube fly.