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Rio Level "T" Welding Tube Large
Rio Level "T" Welding Tube Large
Rio Level "T" Welding Tube Large
Rio Level "T" Welding Tube Large

Rio Level "T" Welding Tube Large

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Rio Level "T" Welding Tube Large

Rio's Level "T" Welding Tube shrink tube is a tube used for welding new loops to customize sink tips or even shooting heads and lines.
When welding, a loop is made with the fly line so that the fly line is double inside the tube, by heating the tube, the inside fly line is vulcanized and connects are. By pulling the tubing together under heat, the lines are connected together and form a slim loop. After heating, the hose should be allowed to cool for a while before removing it from the fly line.

The Welding Hose is an easy and quick help to adjust sink tips and shooting heads to a specific weight and to repair broken lines.



  • Level "T" Series Shrink Tubing
  • Sinking shrink tubing
  • For welding new loops
  • Size Large: 2.4 mm inner diameter
  • Suitable for T14 and larger sizes
  • Content: 20 pieces / package
About Rio:

Established back in 1990, the American manufacturer Rio Products is known worldwide for premium fly lines. They are made in Idaho (USA) and they set new standards in many different ways due to the patented Rio technologies. In fact, they offer a truly outstanding performance and great durability. Therefore, they will easily please the most demanding fly fishermen. In addition to modern fly lines, this impressive selection also includes shooting heads, running lines and all kinds of leaders. Therefore, Rio offers the perfect line for every type of fishing – whether you’re fishing a trout stream or a saltwater flat!