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Loon Apex Lip Gripper
Loon Apex Lip Gripper
Loon Apex Lip Gripper

Loon Apex Lip Gripper

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Loon Apex Lip Gripper

The new Apex tool series from Loon is aimed at those fly anglers who do not want to compromise on the water. Whether in tropical saltwater or when hunting predatory fish at home.

A Bogar Grip or Lip-Grip is a welcome support when you handle toothy predatory fish and want to gently remove the hook. Especially with predators such as pike or barracuda, this is often a safe solution when the agile fish must be freed from the hook, and you do not want to injure yourself. The lightweight Apex Lip Gripper is simply placed on the lip (lower part of the mixed mouth) and pressed shut. A lock function ensures a secure hold at this position and the fish can be safely handled. Once the hook is removed from the mouth, which is littered with teeth, the fish can be quickly released back into its element. In addition, the tool floats and is therefore not lost if it briefly slips from the hand in the heat of the moment.

The Apex Lip Gripper not only protects your fingers when fishing for toothy predators such as pike, barracuda and Co, it also shortens the handling time immensely and thus protects the fish equally, as this can quickly return to the water.



  • Floating Lip-Grip
  • Fixes predatory fish gently so that the hook can be released
  • Lock function: simplifies the one-handed fixation of the fish
  • Incl. safety strap
About Loon:

The American manufacturer Loon Outdoors is known worldwide for all kinds of high-quality tools and accessories. Due to their practice-oriented design, these proven products will come in handy in many different situations – both while fishing and tying flies. Thereby, they make the small challenges in the world of fly fishing much easier – whether it’s a complicated fly tying step or unhooking a fish. Last but not least, these products with their iconic black and yellow design offer a truly outstanding value for money.