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Loon Rogue Debarb Pliers
Loon Rogue Debarb Pliers
Loon Rogue Debarb Pliers
Loon Rogue Debarb Pliers

Loon Rogue Debarb Pliers

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Loon Rogue Debarb Pliers

There's an Ergo Series for fine art work at your tying vise and there's this Rogue Series with tools for rough outdoor use. Every grip comes with a non slippery foam coating which not only guarantees secure handling but also prevents your hands from freezing cold steel in winter time. Talking about this steel – it is surgical stainless steel with a matte black finish and loon-yellow accents. Just enough colour spots to be found easily when you drop your Rogue tool accidentally.

The Rogue Debarb Pliers are your to-go tool for debarbing any kind of hook – whether it's a small dryfly or a big 6/0 saltwater fly. The small surface of the jaw allows high pressure and in addition you'll provided with a cutting edge for every kind of leader material. Solid tool if you struggle with other all-round pliers!


  • Forceps with additional blade to cut leaders
  • Perfect for debarbing hooks
  • Length: 14 cm (5,5”)
  • Rogue Comfy grip
  • Matte black finish
  • Surgical stainless steel
About Loon:

The American manufacturer Loon Outdoors is known worldwide for all kinds of high-quality tools and accessories. Due to their practice-oriented design, these proven products will come in handy in many different situations – both while fishing and tying flies. Thereby, they make the small challenges in the world of fly fishing much easier – whether it’s a complicated fly tying step or unhooking a fish. Last but not least, these products with their iconic black and yellow design offer a truly outstanding value for money.