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Lamson Ketchum Release Tool - Hook release tool
Lamson Ketchum Release Tool - Hook release tool
Lamson Ketchum Release Tool - Hook release tool big bug
big bug
Lamson Ketchum Release Tool - Hook release tool standard
Lamson Ketchum Release Tool - Hook release tool midge

Lamson Ketchum Release Tool - Hook release tool


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Lamson Ketchum Release Tool - Hook release tool

Quick and easy hook release - gentle on fish and fly

If you want to release a caught fish, it is of the utmost importance to free it from the hook quickly and, above all, gently. This is exactly where the Lamson Ketchum Release Tool hook remover helps. Thanks to a practical notch and the special shape of the head, it makes it easy to pick up the tippet and open the fish's mouth. The tubular head encloses the fly so that you have an ideal lever to gently release the hook with light pressure for fish and fly. Using the Ketchum Release tool ensures that the fish's protective scales and mucus layer are not damaged and that it is not exposed to the air for too long.


  • Fish-friendly hook release tool
  • Catch & Release Tool
  • Length: approx. 20 cm
  • Big Bug: for hook sizes #6 to #10
  • Standard: for hook sizes #12 to #16
  • Midge: for hook sizes #18 to #22
About Lamson:

Waterworks is immediately associated by most fly fishermen with the lightweight, reliable reels. Yet the origin of Waterkworks lies in a small, innovative tool. In 1996, Waterworks was founded by two anglers and product designers because they found a better solution to remove the fly from the fish's mouth faster and more gently. Named after their hometown in Idaho, the first Waterworks product, the Ketchum Release Tool, was launched in 1996.

Even before Waterworks was founded, product designers were working with high-quality components. Ryan Harrison honed his skills and knowledge in high-performance cycling, for example. Among other things, Harrison developed suspension technology for Cannondale mountain bikes, so he was already familiar with wheels in the frame.
It was only logical that the founders turned to fly reels after the release tool. Because fly reels were heavy, overly complex and unreliable at the time, so there was work to be done here. With the question in mind of what the perfect fly reel looks like, the ULA was born and represents the foundation of today's high quality fly reels. Together with Lamson, the fly reels, rods and accessories, now enjoy more than two decades of passion, innovation and solid engineering - with no end in sight.