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Dr. Slick Mitten Clamp black
Dr. Slick Mitten Clamp black
Dr. Slick Mitten Clamp black
Dr. Slick Mitten Clamp black

Dr. Slick Mitten Clamp black


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Dr. Slick Mitten Clamp black

The Dr. Slick Mitten Clamp Pliers is a standard tool that makes your fishing day easier. The pliers scissors, offers as the name suggests a cutting blades and clamping surface. Tippet shorten, cut the ends of knots or even bring the wool of the Strike Indicator in shape is no problem with the sharp scissors, the pliers.

At the same time, the pliers can of course actively support the hook loosening. The pliers offer a smooth surface in the area of the tip, with which small flies, such as dry flies and nymphs can be optimally gripped. Further back, the clamping surface is ribbed, here larger hooks sit like a streamer bombproof.

Much more than a Dr. Slick Mitten Scissor Clamp pliers scissors you do not need on the water. And so that this tool is always at hand and not lost, the pliers are attached to a bungee safety strap, which can be attached to a bag or clothing with a carabiner. Even when wade fishing with cold hands, you don't have to be careful when working with the pliers, because if they ever fall out of your hand, they'll hang securely from the stretchy, durable strap.


  • Pliers scissors to safely release the hooks
  • Sharp scissor function and jaws in one tool
  • Black finish protects the surface
  • Locks when closed
  • Safety strap with carabiner
  • Dr.Slick sticker included
  • Length: 12,7 cm
  • Color: Black
About Dr. Slick:

In 1989 DR. SLICK COMPANY was founded by a surgeon with the sole purpose of developing the highest quality fishing and fly tying tools. The precision tools go through a 6-step inspection process during manufacturing to ensure that each tool has a high standard of quality that is second to none. To this day, Dr. Slick's tying tools are designed by anglers for anglers and always inspire with innovative, flawless accessories for the tying table.