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C&F Design CFA-190 Hook Releaser
C&F Design CFA-190 Hook Releaser

C&F Design CFA-190 Hook Releaser

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C&F Design CFA-190 Hook Releaser

Especially small flies are often hard to release out of a trouts mouth because they are hard to grab with the pliers correctly. With this release tool you handle the tiniest flies with an ease! Simply slide the loop end onto the tippet and over the fly until it reaches the bend of the hook. Then just give the Hook Releaser a turn towards the tippet and you fly will be released smoothly without hurting the fish any more.

Hint: works best for barbless hooks ;-)


  • Usable for hook size #16 and smaller
  • Rubber rings for easy grip
  • Pictured manual on the packaging
  • Length: ca. 13,5 cm
About C&F Design:

The Japanese premium manufacturer C&F Design is known worldwide for innovative high-quality accessories that will easily please the most demanding fly fishermen and fly tyers. Due to their practice-oriented design, these high-quality products will come in handy in many different situations – both while fishing and tying flies. In addition to well-thought-out fly tying accessories, C&F Design also offers countless tools and holders that will make the small challenges in the world of fly fishing much easier. In fact, their high-end fly boxes with their iconic design are particularly popular!