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Hatch Nipper 3 grey
Hatch Nipper 3 grey
Hatch Nipper 3 grey
Hatch Nipper 3 grey

Hatch Nipper 3 grey

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Hatch Nipper 3 grey

The third generation of the Hatch Nipper is in no way behind its predecessor in terms of quality, material, workmanship and design. However, the update for the new season brings two major changes: First, the shape of the nipper is even more ergonomic and secondly, the nipper has a new spring. The spring is made of a 302 stainless steel and is ultra robust with a large coil. This extends the life of the new Nipper immensely!

Manufacturing-wise, the Nipper is of the highest standard and fits perfectly with Hatch's other high-end products. The main material used is the proven, ultra-light 6061T6 aerospace aluminum, which is blasted with glass beads, as with Hatch's Iconic reels. This creates a surface that on the one hand produces fewer light reflections and on the other hand the strength of the surface is increased. So even the Type II anodized will last a lifetime. The cutting edges are made of tungsten carbide they cut mono tippets and fluorocarbon with ease! Last but not least, the Nipper has a stainless steel needle to free a stuck hook eye or to loosen knots.

In short, the third generation Hatch Nipper is a stainless, ingenious minitool that hangs securely around your neck thanks to the included lanyard and is always at hand when you need it!


  • 6061T6 aluminum
  • Type II Anodization
  • Matt finish
  • Sharp tungsten carbide blades
  • Needle for freeing hook eyes or untying knots
  • Includes adjustable lanyard for use as a collar or to attach to your bag
  • Fly or leader holder for tightening knots
  • 100% stainless
  • Made in the USA
About Hatch:

Hatch Outdoors was founded in 2003 with the intention of developing a fly reel that would raise the bar for all manufacturers. Over the years, Hatch has pushed the boundaries of innovation with the development of award-winning products such as the Hatch reels, as well as the famous Nomad tongs, and continues to push boundaries today. Hatch Outdoors is a family-owned and operated company that uses only the highest quality materials and state-of-the-art machining techniques in the production of its iconic fly fishing reels. Impressive and well-known is certainly the reel foot made from one piece, which made so some fly fishermen Hatch Finatic.