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Oros Strike Indicator Medium
Oros Strike Indicator Medium
Oros Strike Indicator Medium red & white
red & white
Oros Strike Indicator Medium
Oros Strike Indicator Medium
Oros Strike Indicator Medium
Oros Strike Indicator Medium
Oros Strike Indicator Medium
Oros Strike Indicator Medium
Oros Strike Indicator Medium

Oros Strike Indicator Medium


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Oros Strike Indicator Medium

Oros is a young start-up from the US that focuses on solving problems that we fly fishers face in practice on the water. This includes nymph fishing with strike indicators. Because many conventional indicators on the market share the same disadvantages. And this is exactly where the Oros Strike Indicator kicks in!

These round strike indicators from Oros in bright signal colours consist of only two parts, which makes them very easy to attach. So there are no small parts that can get lost on the water. Instead, they have a clever screw mechanism that fixes them to the leader. They also have a streamlined design, which helps make for a smoother cast and is less sensitive to wind. The outside of the Oros Strike Indicators is sleek so the leader can't get caught anywhere and wind resistance is minimised.

Inside the two half balls of the Oros strike indicator, which are made of soft foam, is the actual fastening element. This is where the leader is inserted and remains intact while fishing and - unlike many classic indicators - is not kinked. This extends the life of your tippet or leader dramatically! The pressure-resistant closure is very easy to use and keeps the Oros Strike Indicator in position. This means you can always be sure you're offering your nymph at the correct depth.

Oros strike indicators come in a range of diameters and colours, so you'll always have the perfect solution for your nymph fishing. The clever, well thought-out design of these indicators makes classic nymph fishing even more fun!


How To Use:

  1. Unscrew top
  2. Place line in screw slot
  3. Screw on top until the screw and nut grips the line
  4. Unscrew 1/4 turn to adjust up or down
  5. Don’t over-tighten


Our Recommendations:

  • Small (S): The smallest Oros strike indicators have a diameter of approx. 1.6 cm. This makes them ideal for finer nymph fishing with leaders of 0.15mm and thinner. If you are fishing in the lower line classes and like to fish with 3-weight and 4-weight rods, then this indicator is a great choice.
  • Medium (M): The medium Oros strike indicators have a diameter of approx. 2.1 cm. They are very versatile and also an excellent choice on fast running waters. Ideal for leaders with a diameter of 0.18mm and thinner and for line classes #3 to #5.
  • Large (L): The large Oros bite indicators have a diameter of approx. 2.6 cm. This makes them particularly suitable for fishing with heavy nymphs, for example for Barbels or big Trout. They can be best attached to leaders with a diameter of 0.20mm or thinner and cast best with line classes #4 to #6. Super for big, deep waters!



  • High-quality strike indicators in brilliant signal colours
  • No kinking of the leader thanks to a clever fastening element
  • Special foam for excellent floating performance
  • Carries significantly more weight than conventional indicators
  • Smooth surface designed to repel water and dirt and reduce drag when casting
  • Manufactured with a biodegradable additive that accelerates biodegradation during prolonged exposure to natural environments (not during normal use)
  • Top and bottom colours can be mixed or matched for optimum visibility
  • Size: Medium
  • Contents: 1 indicator


Tips: If you want to fish with extra thin leaders, we recommend that you not only pass the monofilament or fluorocarbon through the slot of the fastener, but also wrap the material once around the screw. The soft foam can deform during storage. That is why we recommend transporting the Oros indicators in a small box.


Medium (M) ca. 2,1 cm 0,18 mm or less (4X)

Our Test on adh-world

„High, cold water and lethargic trout. Fishing at the start of the trout season can be a great challenge. It is therefore all the more important for us fly fishers to be prepared for all possible situations and to try out different techniques. In our latest video on adh-world, we introduce you to the innovative strike indicators from Oros, which have served us very well in tough conditions on the river!“

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