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Rio Tippet Rings with fit-up aid
Rio Tippet Rings with fit-up aid
Rio Tippet Rings with fit-up aid

Rio Tippet Rings with fit-up aid


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Rio Tippet Rings with fit-up aid

These small tippet rings are a big help, because they make connecting your leader with your tippet much more easy. You don't have to tie a blood knot or any other knot to combine two different materials.

Tippet rings by Rio are very strong and feature a smooth surface. Just knot them onto the end of your leader and add a piece of tippet material afterwards. By doing so your tapered leader remins the same length when changing flies during the day. When nymphing Euro style you can use tippet rings to put a sighter between your leader and tippet.

When combining fluorocarbon with ordinary nylon tippet rings offer a big advantage too, because fluorocarbon has the ability to cut nylon.

Content: 10 pcs./pack

Outer Diameter:

  • 2 mm (Trout) = 12 kg
  • 3 mm (Steelhead) = 20 kg
About Rio:

Established back in 1990, the American manufacturer Rio Products is known worldwide for premium fly lines. They are made in Idaho (USA) and they set new standards in many different ways due to the patented Rio technologies. In fact, they offer a truly outstanding performance and great durability. Therefore, they will easily please the most demanding fly fishermen. In addition to modern fly lines, this impressive selection also includes shooting heads, running lines and all kinds of leaders. Therefore, Rio offers the perfect line for every type of fishing – whether you’re fishing a trout stream or a saltwater flat!