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Partridge HRS Rapid Snaps
Partridge HRS Rapid Snaps

Partridge HRS Rapid Snaps


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Partridge HRS Rapid Snaps

The Partridge HRS Rapid Snaps are extremely useful fly snaps for nymphs and streamers. They allow fly changes within seconds – without having to tie new knots each and every time. This will save precious time in hectic situations. Further, they also increase the lifespan of your leaders since they won’t get shorter when changing flies. And similar to a rapala knot, they also allow your flies to move very temptingly under water.

In short: The reliable HRS Rapid Snaps make fly changes much quicker and easier – especially with cold, numb fingers!


  • Reliable fly snaps for nymphs and streamers
  • For quick and uncomplicated fly changes
  • Colour: black nickel
  • Amount: 25 pieces per pack


TypeSizeHook Size
1 ca. 9 mm #4 - #8
2 ca. 7 mm #6 - #12
3 ca. 5 mm #12 - #18
About Partridge:

The English manufacturer Partridge of Redditch is known for extremely reliable high-quality hooks and accessories. In fact, this very impressive company history already began in 1836. In all of these years, one thing still hasn’t changed: These hooks constantly set new standards, and therefore they will easily please the most demanding fly fishermen and fly tyers. In addition to countless modern models, this impressive selection also includes many classic hook shapes. Summarized, these trustworthy hooks are always a great choice – because you simply should not lose the fish of a lifetime due to a weak hook!