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Guideline Vac-Rac Quad Rack Rod Holder
Guideline Vac-Rac Quad Rack Rod Holder

Guideline Vac-Rac Quad Rack Rod Holder

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Guideline Vac-Rac Quad Rack Rod Holder

Many rods are simply too long to be pushed into the car when set up. If you like to change your spots frequently, the constant rigging and disassembly of the rod can quickly become annoying. So, save yourself the precious time and a lot of frustration, and just strap your rods fully rigged-up onto your car. Whether you're on trout water or a salmon river, if you like to "spot-hop," Guideline's strong Vac Rac rod holders are just the thing for your car.

Quad Rack:

The rounded "T" bar and sturdy fabric-covered ropes flexibility allow to mount and secure your rods to your vehicle. Both the foam-coated crossbar and soft straps hold your rod wobble-free without damaging the handles or blank. Each mount is equipped with two suction cups to ensure an even more secure hold. These can be attached to all non-porous surfaces. The material of the base is optimized for particularly cold temperatures down to -35 °C. All Quad Racks are vacuum tested according to strict regulations and have to withstand loads of up to more than 60 kg before they leave the factory.

Tip: The easiest way to mount the racks is on the hood and roof. That way you're on the safe side and your rods won't get in the way with a car door.



  • Stable rod holder for all vehicles
  • Suction cup optimized for especially cold temperatures down to -35 °C
  • Adheres to all non-porous surfaces: Aluminum, steel, plastic
  • Extra strong hold: 2 suction cups per holder
  • Soft padding to protect the rods
  • Holds up to 4 rods
  • Fabric covered tension straps securely hold the rods in place
  • T-bar serrated on underside: tension can be adjusted
  • T-recess for easy hooking and unhooking of the straps
  • In tests, each rod holder lifted over 60 kg
  • Laser-cut stainless steel connecting plate for maximum rigidity
  • Supplied with storage bag
  • Dimensions: 16 x 20 cm


About Vac Rac:

Since the 1980s, the company has been manufacturing products using vacuum technology, including specialty rod holders for demanding anglers. Over the years, new product designs have been added to perfectly meet the needs of us fly fishermen. The many years of experience in product development are absolutely reflected in the innovative products of the Welsh company and not without reason Vac-Rac is preceded by an impeccable reputation.