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Loop X10 Polarized Sunglasses copper/green copper/green
Loop X10 Polarized Sunglasses copper/green
Loop X10 Polarized Sunglasses copper/green

Loop X10 Polarized Sunglasses copper/green

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Loop X10 Polarized Sunglasses copper/green

In the world of fly fishing, spotting the fish is often the key to success. And observing the fish in its natural habitat is a great advantage for every fly fisherman. Because equipped with this information, the fly can be presented much more accurately and the chance to follow the take live is significantly increased.

Whether it's targeting a bonefish on the flats or a brown trout in the river: LOOP polarised glasses offer excellent performance in different light conditions! With their high-quality plastic lenses, Loop polarised glasses reduce annoying light reflections to a minimum. At the same time, they protect the eyes from harmful UV radiation - and if necessary from stray flies. After a long development process and constant improvements, the product developers at LOOP are confident that they have created brilliant and first-class polarized sunglasses for all situations on the fishing water.

X10 Polarized Sunglasses by Loop are available with different lenses and have a robust, slightly narrower frame for best glare protection. Ideal for small to normal heads. They offer a comfortable fit and best wearing comfort, all day long! These hard-wearing, scratch-resistant plastic lenses do their important job with flying colours: they reduce annoying light reflections and specular glare to a minimum.

Copper/Green: Lenses with a Copper/Green tint are a good optical solution for a variety of different light conditions. Especially in normal or bright light, they offer good visibility on rivers or lakes, as they enhance contrasts without changing the natural colours much.


  • High-quality polarized sunglasses with robust plastic lenses
  • Reduce light reflections to a minimum
  • Reliable UV protection
  • X10 fit for small to medium sized heads
  • Slim frame made of durable plastic with Loop logo
  • Rubberised temples and nose pads for a perfect fit
  • Lens colour: copper/green



On adh-world we explain how polarized sunglasses work and what to keep in mind when purchasing a new pair.

„Polarized sunglasses play an important role in fly fishing. They not just protect the eye from erred flies or streamers and dangerous uv-radiation, but also reduce glare from the surface and help you spotting fish and reading the water more effectively.“

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