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Costa Permit Polarized Sunglasses Tortoise (Green Mirror 580G Lenses)
Costa Permit Polarized Sunglasses Tortoise (Green Mirror 580G Lenses)
Costa Permit Polarized Sunglasses Tortoise (Green Mirror 580G Lenses) Frame Fit
Frame Fit
Costa Permit Polarized Sunglasses Tortoise (Green Mirror 580G Lenses) Frame Size
Frame Size
Frame Size

Costa Permit Polarized Sunglasses Tortoise (Green Mirror 580G Lenses)

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Costa Permit Polarized Sunglasses Tortoise (Green Mirror 580G Lenses)

For years, Costa’s polarized sunglasses have been a staple for world-class guides and everyday anglers alike - all around the world. The color brilliance and clarity performance of these patented glasses have earned many fans of both salt and freshwater fishing. With a wide variety of frames and tints, there is a model for every fly fisherman, whether they’re chasing Golden Dorado in Bolivia or Sea Trout on the Baltic Sea.


The sporty design of the Costa Permit features a patented ventilation system that allows moisture to easily escape, preventing the lenses from fogging up - even while wearing a protective Buff. Ideal for a trip to the tropics, on warm summer days or when you’re hooked into a trophy fish that gives you a true workout. The frame is made from an extremely lightweight and durable nylon composite material. Flexible hinges adjust to the wearer’s head. Rubberized nose and temple pads are made from exclusive Hydrolite™ material to ensure a perfect, comfortable fit. The patented 580P lenses offer your eyes the maximum protection against strong UV rays and reduce light reflections on the water surface that cause fatigue on your eyes.


Green Mirror Lenses:

The Green Mirror lenses are an all-around performer for saltwater and ideal for sight fishing. When it comes to spotting Bonefish, Permit, etc. on the Flats, before it’s too late, it is imperative to have the best polarized glasses. The biggest advantage of this tint is that contrasts are noticeably enhanced, making it easier for you not only to see the bright fish on the light ground, but also to make structure easier to spot. In local fishing, this tint also excels on the coast for Sea Trout and at the lake for Pike and other predators. Overall, these lenses are a bit lighter than the 'Blue Mirror' lenses which are often recommended for saltwater, giving them a bit more versatility.


580G Glass Lens Material:

The patented 580G lenses are produced with the highest quality, real glass. They outperform plastic lenses in terms of image quality, brilliance and clarity. They are also 20% thinner and 22% lighter than common polarized lenses. The patented C-WALL® molecular-bonding technology provides the lenses with enormous scratch resistance for long lasting brilliant optics.




  • High performance lightweight polarized sunglasses
  • Lens Color: Green Mirror
  • Frame Color: Tortoise
  • Flexible frames create comfortable fit - ideal for medium to large heads
  • Patented 580G lenses made of real glass
  • Patented C-WALL® coating prevents scratches
  • Anti-reflection polarized lenses
  • Frame made of lightweight nylon composite material
  • Rubberized nose and temple pads for a comfortable fit
  • Side ventilation ports to prevent fogging
  • Delivered in sturdy hard case with cleaning cloth



  • Frame Size: Large
  • Frame Fit: Wide
  • Frame Width: 126.5mm
  • Bridge Width: 18mm
  • Lens: 61.7x40.5mm
  • Temple Arm Length: 115.4mm



On adh-world we explain how polarized sunglasses work and what to keep in mind when purchasing a new pair.

„Polarized sunglasses play an important role in fly fishing. They not just protect the eye from erred flies or streamers and dangerous uv-radiation, but also reduce glare from the surface and help you spotting fish and reading the water more effectively.“

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About Costa:

The high-quality glasses from the American manufacturer Costa are considered the best polarized glasses by many fly fishermen and guides worldwide. Established more than 35 years ago, this company understands exactly what demanding fly fishermen want: an outstanding optical performance paired with a practical yet stylish design. In fact, this is exactly what all Costa glasses have in common. Due to their innovative lenses, they allow a breathtaking view into the underwater world. Without a doubt, this will make your fishing more effective – both in fresh and saltwater. In addition, this brand places great emphasis on sustainability and the protection of our waters. Due to this inspiring company philosophy, Costa supports numerous environmental organisations and initiatives.