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Umpqua UPG HD Medium Waterproof Fly Box Blue blue
Umpqua UPG HD Medium Waterproof Fly Box Blue
Umpqua UPG HD Medium Waterproof Fly Box Blue

Umpqua UPG HD Medium Waterproof Fly Box Blue

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Umpqua UPG HD Medium Waterproof Fly Box Blue

The innovative fly boxes from Umpqua are very popular - and rightly so. Thanks to a large selection of different designs, you can have the right box for every situation. However, the different models have a lot in common: a sophisticated design, excellent craftsmanship and a huge capacity to store countless flies - all in a very compact size!


The UPG HD Medium is a spacious all-around fly box for dry flies, nymphs and wet flies. The two-sided pad has a hinge allowing you to select from both sides of the box. The unique 3D FlyTrap™ inserts were injection molded using thermoplastic elastomer and then slotted when bent -  offering a huge capacity, so you can easily store all the patterns that you could use in the course of a day. With this ingenious design, the slots offer unsurpassed grip, so loose flies are now a thing of the past. The material used is extremely durable, which keeps your little works of art safely in place even after many years. In addition, this sophisticated fly box is completely waterproof and its "Heavy Duty" design ensures a lifetime of use. Last but not least, the practical, transparent lids make it extremely easy to identify the fly you’re after, reducing the time spent digging through your boxes to find the right pattern.




  • Spacious all-around fly box - the ideal choice for dry flies, nymphs and wet flies in different sizes!
  • Hinged fly pad with 3D FlyTrap™ inserts on both sides equipped with magnets for fixation on the lids
  • Provides a secure grip for a large selection of flies
  • Practical, transparent lids for easy fly identification
  • Completely waterproof thanks to a combination of rubber seals and a reliable snap closure
  • HD ("Heavy Duty") construction with first-class durability and high-quality materials
  • Dimensions: 159x114x25mm
  • Color: blue