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C&F Design Tube Fly Case Large 12-Tubes
C&F Design Tube Fly Case Large 12-Tubes

C&F Design Tube Fly Case Large 12-Tubes

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C&F Design Tube Fly Case Large 12-Tubes

Copied a hundred times, but never surpassed - C&F Design fly boxes are still the measure of all things when it comes to appropriately storing our flies. Innovative, perfectly processed and proven a thousand times in practice: the fly cases of the Japanese premium manufacturer.

With the innovative Tube Fly Cases, C&F Design present a special collection for Salmon anglers. These handy, waterproof fly cases feature small plastic tubes in which tube flies can be stored gently. The tubes can be taken out individually and opened on both sides. Inside, the delicate wings of your fly are perfectly protected and keep their shape. On the other inside lid you will find traditional slotted foam, on which conventional hook flies can be fixed or individual hooks for your tubes can be organized. In two small compartments with lids you can also store silicone tubes or additional, smaller hooks. So you always have everything you need to catch a Salmon at hand!

The C&F Design Tube Fly Case Large 12-Tubes comes with twelve tubes with a length of approx. 7.9 cm and offers space for a maximum of 18 additional hook flies.


  • Waterproof fly case for tube flies
  • 12 Tubes for safe storage of tube flies
  • Length of the tubes: approx. 7.9 cm
  • Slotted foam for 18 hook flies
  • 2 small compartments with lid for small hooks or silicone tubes