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Tear-Aid Repair Patch Kit
Tear-Aid Repair Patch Kit
Tear-Aid Repair Patch Kit

Tear-Aid Repair Patch Kit

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Tear-Aid Repair Patch Kit

The TEAR-AID Repair Patch Type A is what every outdoor enthusiast has been waiting for. An all-round patch for almost any material, which is also not only shock and tear resistant, but also air and water proof!

The Tear-Aid repair patch is incredibly robust and durable, even sharp objects such as branches or the like, which press with a lot of pressure on the patch can not damage it. Likewise, the patch is incredibly elastic and always retracts to its original shape in the event of a bump or impact. This allows the patch to conform to irregular surfaces and seal them perfectly without limiting the movement of the repaired material. This makes quickly repairing a waders on an adventure super easy! The Tear-Aid Patch takes up very little space, so you can always have it with you. A trip to Lapland is planned and you can only pack the essentials, no room for a spare pair of waders? Then the patch is just the thing to patch your waders, sleeping bag, tent and more. No long waiting times until the glue is dry and no restriction due to a rigid glue, the Taer-Aid patch offers some plus points!

To repair a spot, hole or tear, alcohol cleaning pads are included. Simply clean the area of the damaged area generously and stick the Tear-Aid patch over it, done. Super easy, super fast, and super awesome so fishing, camping, or any other outdoor sport can continue without restriction!

The TEAR-AID Patch Type A holds among other things on the following materials: rubber, neoprene, nylon, canvas, plastics, polyethylene, polypropylene, polyurethane, non-oiled leather, Gore-Tex, acrylic glass, fiberglass, aluminum, polyester, Hypalon, Dacron.



  • Tear-Aid Patch can be cut to length
  • Approx 8 x 30 cm patch
  • 30 cm reinforcing wire to repair edges
  • 1x patch 2,2 cm x 2,2 cm
  • 1x patch 3,5 cm x 3,5 cm
  • 2x alcohol preparation pads for cleaning the surfaces
  • Instructions and repair product list