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Frödin Flies - Salar Supreme Fly Wallet medium
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Frödin Flies - Salar Supreme Fly Wallet


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Frödin Flies - Salar Supreme Fly Wallet

Getting the wings of your tube flies jammed and damaged in the lid of the fly box is a thing of the past. The SALAR Supreme Fly Wallets are part of Mikael Frödins Salar Organizing System (SOS) and offer enough space for hundreds of tube flies, without damaging them while being stored.

Frödin Flies Fly Wallets consist out of five clear, separate pockets, which allows a survey of the flies without opening the bags. One of the pockets is equipped with wholes to ensure air circulation while storing wet flies. Strong material and reliable zippers make these wallets a good solution to present an undamaged tube to the salmon.

Besides storing your tube flies you can use them to organize and transport your fly tying materials too.


  • Small 15 x 11,5cm
  • Medium 20 x 13,5cm

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About Frödin Flies:

The Swedish manufacturer Frödin Flies is known worldwide for innovative salmon flies and tying materials. This brand was founded by Mikael Frödin – one of the most influential salmon anglers of our time, who is constantly pushing forward with his products and ideas. In addition to an extensive range of accessories, Frödin Flies also offers you the perfect rods and reels for salmon fishing. Without a doubt, they will easily please the most demanding salmon anglers due to their fantastic design and outstanding quality. Last but not least, according to the slogan “Fight for the Wild Salmon” the Frödin Flies team is constantly fighting for the protection of our wild salmon stocks.