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Vision Tossu Wading Boots with Felt Sole
Vision Tossu Wading Boots with Felt Sole

Vision Tossu Wading Boots with Felt Sole


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Vision Tossu Wading Boots with Felt Sole

The Vision Tossu is the result of elaborate product development, with the aim of producing a durable and comfortable wading boot that offers fly-fishermen a secure step in any situation.


The combination of a sturdy upper and high lacing protects your ankle from bumps and provides incredible support in difficult terrain. To ensure a long life, the upper and the sole of the Tossu are sewn and glued together, eliminating the chances of the midsole detaching - one of the most common causes of defective wading boots. A circumferential rubber reinforcement and a rubber toe guard protect the upper against damage from sharp-edged rocks, shells, and sticks. The multi-layer sole design features a shock-absorbing EVA midsole for comfort on longer hikes and hours of wading on uneven surfaces. The sturdy felt soles provide a secure grip on slippery surfaces and can be easily equipped with tungsten studs or spikes. Other features of the Tossu boots include soft lace guides that reduce the fraying of the laces, an eyelet for wader gravel guards, and a heel strap for easily putting on and taking off the boots.


The Tossu presents itself as a very robust and comfortable wading boot with excellent protection of the feet in any terrain.




  • Durable wading boots
  • Upper and sole are sewn and glued together for optimal longevity
  • Shock-absorbing EVA midsole
  • 360-degree rubber reinforcement
  • Rubber toe-cap protection
  • Eyelet for attaching wader gravel guards
  • Robust felt sole for a secure grip on slippery surfaces
  • Secure anchoring for spikes or studs
  • Soft lace guides prevent broken laces
  • Big heel strap helps easily pull on/off boots

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