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The Japanese premium manufacturer C&F Design is known worldwide for innovative high-quality accessories that will easily please the most demanding fly fishermen and fly tyers. Due to their practice-oriented design, these high-quality products will come in handy in many different situations – both while fishing and tying flies. In addition to well-thought-out fly tying accessories, C&F Design also offers countless tools and holders that will make the small challenges in the world of fly fishing much easier. In fact, their high-end fly boxes with their iconic design are particularly popular!

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C&F Design CFA-43 Clipper 3-in-1 C&F Design CFA-43 Clipper 3-in-1
€31.90 *
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Application example C&F Design CFT-10 Fish Eye
€69.90 *
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C&F Design CFT-174 Tool Stand C&F Design CFT-174 Tool Stand
€49.90 *
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