Trip Idea: Desroches Island



Some 150 miles south west of Mahé, Desroches Island is the largest of the Amirantes group of islands in the Seychelles. Just three and a half miles long by half a mile wide, this spectacularly beautiful coral island is strewn with coconut trees and ringed by a reef and shallow waters.

A day trip to St Joseph or Poivre Atolls is the ideal way to spend a glorious day amongst the most spectacular island surroundings. Featuring a crystal-clear lagoon completely surrounded by pure white sands, pristine flats, tropical islands and coral ridges, St Joseph Atoll is one of the most picturesque atolls in the Seychelles. This atoll is famous for its healthy population of bonefish that can be caught anywhere along the stretches of flats that protrude from the sea during low tide. Like Poivre Atoll, it is also home to one of the biggest concentrations of Indo-Pacific permit in the Seychelles.

Poivre consists of two small picturesque islands separated by a tranquil, shallow and crystalline lagoon, which extends all the way back into Ile du Sud during high tide. The coral and turtle grass that surrounds the flat is the perfect habitat for the prolific populations of Indo-Pacific permit that frequent its flats. There are also good numbers of bonefish which feed on the edge of the atoll on certain tides. Anglers stalk the bonefish and Permit on foot, searching for tailing fish while they forage for their next meal.

Desroches, St Joseph and Poivre Atolls have some of the greatest offshore angling that the Seychelles waters have to offer. What makes this area so rich in fish stock is the 1 300 metre Amirante Trench, which separates these atolls and brings a constant rich flow of current. Desroches’ offshore structure features an ideal 38 km ring of sunken coral atoll, all surrounded by a sheer drop-off, teeming with both pelagic and reef fish.

Desroches Island Resort offers the only accommodation on the island and comprises 20 comfortable suites for double or single occupancy and 28 four bed roomed villas, each just yards from the beach and decorated with a subtle mix of island style and modern comfort. Each of the suites and villas has a television, telephone and air conditioning. The resort facilities are completed with a large pool, two restaurants, one of which is on the beach, a bar and a spa. During a stay on the island, guests can swim, snorkel, deep sea and fly fish, go on sunset boat trips and scuba divers can explore the exciting fringing coral reef and wall known as the ‘Desroches drop’. Tennis, kayaks, sailing and windsurfing are also available. More energetic guests can explore the island by bicycle.