Trip Idea: Alphonse Island



292 miles southwest of Mahe lies Alphonse Island and St. François Lagoon, part of the Amirantes group of Islands. Alphonse is the best known saltwater destination in the Indian Ocean and perhaps home to the most prolific bone fishery in the world. In addition to the abundant bonefish (ranging in size from 3 – 8 lbs) there are three species of trigger fish, five species of trevally and a plethora of other flats and offshore species. Perhaps the most challenging fish to catch is the fabled milkfish; a turbo charged algae eater growing to 40lbs. The guides on Alphonse Island have pioneered techniques which have allowed these vegetarian and notoriously difficult fish to be caught.

The sheer diversity of species gives the angler the opportunity to target a myriad of different species during the course of one trip.

The fishery caters for just 12 anglers, two per skiff and guests are guided by some of the most experienced saltwater guides in the world. Anglers are transferred for the short run from Alphonse to St François lagoon by the mothership to where the skiffs are kept anchored. The fishing is very much tide dependent so the prevailing conditions will dictate which species you will focus on. You are then able to access the vast expanse of flats, lagoons, channels and reefs which spoil anglers in the choice of environment and species for which they would like to hunt.

Bluewater fishing is back on the menu on Alphonse allowing anglers to target pelagic species such as sailfish, yellowfin tuna and dogtooth tuna both on the fly and using conventional tackle.

Combined with the fabulous fishing, the accommodation at Alphonse is amongst some of the most comfortable of any primarily fishing lodge in the world. Guests stay in the iconic A-frame chalets (Beach Bungalows), all with air conditioning, en-suite bathrooms and private outdoor shower. The bar provides the ideal venue to relax in the evening breeze after a hard day on the flats.