Winners of the adh-fishing Photo Contest


('Grayling' - Sam Strauss)


Wow! Our mailbox has overflowed, because hundreds of photos from the colorful world of fly fishing have reached us in the last 3 weeks. Contributions from Germany, from Europe and from all corners of the world were present and once again showed us that the passion for fly fishing knows no bounds. We are overwhelmed by your submissions and your interest in our large adh-fishing photo competition. We would like to thank all of you who sent us their most beautiful photos of both fishing and fish.

It was not easy for our jury to choose three winners from the many beautiful photos. But here they are now, the three winners, who are present with their photos in our calendar for 2023 and can also look forward to great prizes.


The winners

- Sam Strauss with 'Grayling'
- Ferdinand Batz with 'Mayfly''
- Lukas Schneider with 'Brown Trout'


The new adh-fishing calendar for 2023 with 12 photos that will guide you through the upcoming season will be available in our webshop soon.



('Mayfly' - Ferdinand Batz)



(Bachforelle - Lukas Schneider)


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