New Mörrum Promotion for 2016 Season!

Mörrum Drill


Season 2015 many hours of fishing have been enjoyed at the river Mörrum using our adh-season-licence. It is truly a great river with an outstanding fish population. That's why we start a new promotion for 2016! We already booked our licence and you have the possibility to fish the Mörrum for free. The criteria to buy a double handed rod has been dropped and the promotion is now valid for every purchase!

Mörrum Promotion 2016 Season:

If the value of an order between 23.11.15 and 31.08.16 is:

  • above 500 € you'll get two days of fishing with our adh-season-licence at Mörrum for free*
  • above 1000 € you'll get four days of fishing with our adh-season-licence at Mörrum for free*
  • above 2000 € you'll get eight days of fishing with our adh-season-licence at Mörrum for free*

If you have bought a product matching this promotion, you can sign in for your desired fishing days with your invoice number using this form. We will then check your order and send you a confirmation for your reservation.

 Calendar and registration


With the adh-season-licence you benefit of:

  • fishing all these pools without any zone divisions: Pool 1-32 + Vittskövle, Härnäs, Knaggalid
  • PLEASE NOTE: due to new regulations, rod sharing isn't allowed anymore. So you can't share the rod with a second person (only one person per day is allowed to fish with our licence).

The adh-season-licence is stored at the Salmons house „Mörrum Kronolaxfiske“ and has to be picked up and dropped off (postbox) there.

Opening hours as followed:
Monday - Saturday 9.00 - 17.00
Sunday 10.00 - 15.00


For more pictures and a little surve, please have a look at Mörrum: Between Fish and Fishermen.
General information about the river Mörrum: Mörrums Kronolaxfiske (statistics on catches as well)

*Journey, accomodation and catering are not included. Only one promotion per person. The fishing days have to taken in one batch. Valid for the season 2016 and as long as days are available. You'll find all remaining days in this calendar.

Unfortunaley the value of FFE-Products can't be included in this promotion.

Vision ACE Shooting Heads Vision ACE Shooting Heads
Content 10.1 meter (€5.84 / 1 meter)
was €69.00 * From €59.00 *
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