For you and brand new: The optimized Webshop!

We decided to give our online shop a radical new design – from scratch. We introduced important improvements, which will allow you to shop far more easier and quicker. At the same time we launch adh-world. From now on you will find news, the latest announcements, product information, tips and counsel concerning matters of fly fishing.

Obviously, our online shop has a new look, but not only does it come along in a new design, we also added some new functions, which we would like to present to you below:


1. Responsive Webdesign (RWD)
Using RWD for our online shop the websites will automatically adapt to the particular device, like a mobile phone, a tablet or a tv. As a result you will always benefit from the best viewing experience possible when visiting adh-fishing.


2. New view and clear structures
Always know where you are and find your way around quickly. We are convinced that the new structure, with its distinct categories and comprehensible icons and images, will lead you well. Apart from that you can still use the intelligent search option ...


3. Your customer account
With immediate effect you can create your personal account, which will help you to organize your orders. Retrieve order status, reopen former orders and put items from back orders again  into the shopping cart. And use the automatized fill in option – almost like shopping with one click!


4. How can we help you?
In the future we will not only offer telephone consultation, but also online support, thus we can present important tips and tricks and you can send us your concrete requests.


5. adh-world
The world is your oyster … All right, not exactly, but on adh-world we will post articles from the world of fly fishing and upload relevant videos and we offer you a platform, where you can present your own photographs and reports and, and, and ...


P. S.: From now on you can order either without registration or with your account*. In case you are already a customer, but without an account, you still have the option to pay by invoice (after your first order). Therefore just enter your customer ID during check-out process, which you will find on your invoice.

*Important information: An account is not automatically generated for existing customers! To create your personal account please register here (“New customer”) or during the check-out process (registration). Many thanks!