Fancy fishing the Mörrum?

Ulf Sill Mörrum


The Mörrum in southern Sweden is counted among the best-known rivers in Europe. It produces one of the biggest growing atlantic salmon and sea trout populations in the world. Every season giant salmons and sea trouts are caught – whether it's early May for fresh salmon or September with head lamp for sea trout, every cast can get you the fish of a lifetime!
For 2015 we have organized a Mörrum season licence and we'll be fishing that great river once in a while.


Mörrum Promotion:

We want to give you the chance to fish a few days for salmon and sea trout with our Mörrum season licence. Therefore we will run a promotion during this season!  As for most of the other salmon rivers, it is very common to fish with a double handed rod at the Mörrum. And does it get much better than fishing with your brand new double hander at a river like Mörrum?!


Between 27.03.15 and 31.08.15 you can buy a double handed rod with a value:

  • above 500 € you'll get two days of fishing with our adh-season-licence at Mörrum for free*
  • above 750 € you'll get three days of fishing with our adh-season-licence at Mörrum for free*

If you have bought a double handed rod matching this promotion, you can sign in for your desired fishing days with your invoice number using this form. We will then check your order and send you a confirmation for your reservation.

With the adh-season-licence you benefit of:

  • fishing all these pools without any zone divisions: Pool 1-32 + Vittskövle, Härnäs, Knaggalid
  • using the licence as a one rod licence which isn't signed for one particular person, so you can share this rod with a second person (only one person at a time is allowed to fish)


The adh-season-licence is stored at the Salmons house „Mörrum Kronolaxfiske“ and has to be picked up and dropped off (postbox) there.

Opening hours as followed:
Monday - Saturday 9.00 - 17.00
Sunday 10.00 - 15.00


For further information about the river Mörrum, please visit Mörrums Kronolaxfiske.

We can mediate accomodation.

*Journey, accomodation and catering are not included. Valid for the season 2015 and as long as days are available. You'll find all remaining days in this calendar.


Pictures: Mörrums Kronolaxfiske

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