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Nám - A name that made the rounds in the international fly fishing scene last year. Scandinavian salmon fishermen in particular quickly agreed: something new, fresh, good is being created here! Even in the early salmon season, the first Nám two-hand rods could be seen on the well-known rivers of Sweden, Norway and Denmark, and it was mostly well-known salmon professionals who could be seen with the minimalist rods in matt black. Nevertheless, the two-handed and one-handed models of the first production series were not available in Germany. All the more we are happy to present you for 2020 the second generation of the young Nám family exclusively at adh-fishing. 

Since last year Allan Bloch is with Nám. Allan is at home at many salmon rivers in Scandinavia and could call the Mörrum in southern Sweden his home for many years. Before the start of the new salmon season we asked Allan to tell us more about Nám and the special features of the new one-handed and two-handed rods.

adh-fishing: Allan, many salmon anglers know you from your time at the Mörrum. Now you are with Nám. Who else is behind this new and fresh brand?

Allan Bloch: Marcus Bohlin, who was an employee of Guideline for many years, is the owner and managing director of Nám. Then there is a group of so-called Nám ambassadors, for example Mikael Andersson (Mr. Banana Fly), Mawill Lüdenbach, Mats Johansson, Erling Holmström, Hilmar Hansson, myself and several other well-known salmon anglers from all over Europe.

adh-fishing: "Nám" is an old Norwegian word for "learning", which is still used in Iceland today. Why did you choose this name in particular?

Allan Bloch: The inspiration comes from Shunryu Suzuki's philosophy: "In the mind of the beginner there are many solutions. In the mind of the expert, only a few." We all believe that we can always learn and that is why there is always the possibility to make everything even better. You never stop learning. This also applies to rod building - and of course to fishing.

adh-fishing: You are the first company to use graphene in the production of rod blanks. What is graphene all about and what are the results of your special carbon fibre mixture in practice?

Allan Bloch: The first rods with graphs were from Mackenzie. But Nám uses graphene in a different way. Here, the graphene is processed together with resin to make it spread better. This enables us to build better and more stable rods.

adh-fishing: You not only have two-handed rods in your program, but also a whole range of one-handed models. For which purposes did you design these rods?

Allan Bloch A variety of rods have been developed from 8.6ft #4 to 10.1ft #8 and in the next few years several rods in the one hand range such as 9ft #9 for big bonefish, permit, baby tarpon, bluefish, stripper, big pike and many more will be added. For example there is the 9ft #6 for coastal fishing and long casts. The 9.1ft #6 for thin leaders and small flies, and that with maximum line control. The 10,1ft #7 is very suitable for the coast too - and light salmon fishing of course. The 9ft #8 is for coastal fishing and light pike fishing. And then the 10,1ft #8 one-handed for salmon fishing, with a short head and weighted fly an absolute dream! Or also for normal WF lines on the coast in strong winds. New for 2020 are the 10,3ft #4 and the 10,9ft #6, these rods are good for nymph fishing, because the length gives you the possibility to control your fly for a longer time. These are some rods we can be curious about.

adh-fishing: "Nám" has developed both 4-piece and 6-piece two-hand rods. Are there any differences in performance here?

Allan Bloch: With today's technology, there are no major differences. Most 6-piece rods are a bit stiffer because of the extra overfeed connections. The biggest difference here is only the purchase price, as these rods cost a little more to produce. On the other hand you save on luggage in the plane.

adh-fishing: For 2020 you have extended your rod family with some models. What are the differences between the first and second generation? What improvements have you made?

Allan Bloch: Nám has greatly improved in cork quality. On several two-handed rods, the rear handle has been lengthened a little. The rod tubes and the sheaths have been improved. Otherwise only small things have changed or improved. Regarding the cork quality: Today we use "Delgado" cork. This has central advantages. First of all, the pores are much smaller, so that almost no filler is needed. In fact, the filler that is used is very light and is used for aesthetic reasons. If it becomes loose in the river while fishing, no large holes will be visible. Another great thing with smaller pores is that the cork becomes more durable at the ends of the handle. Without the need for rubber end caps, which inevitably make the rod heavier. As the "Delgado" trees grow slower, the density of the cork material itself is slightly higher, which results in increased vibration transmission between the blank and the cork, giving the fly fisherman a better "fish feeling".

adh-fishing: Can you show us your favourite rods for some of the typical salmon rivers (Skjern, Mörrum, Gaula)?

Allan Bloch: Last year it was definitely the 13,3ft 6-piece rod for the skjern. But the new 12,8ft will surely take the first place this year. At the upper part of the Skjern I take the new 12,4ft variant. This rod is exactly what I have been looking for for several years. It is easy to cast and has enough power - even in headwind. With this rod you have the possibility to present your fly very gently and still be able to drill big fish. The 10.1ft #8 is perfect for fishing in summer, at low water on the upper stretches. For the Gaula and Mörrum at low water I find the 13,3ft #6 absolutely fabulous. But both the 13,9ft and the 14,9ft are absolute top rods. At high water and a high water level I would use the 16,1ft. It is relatively light and casts amazingly, even with heavy sink lines. Furthermore you can make long casts with this rod, if necessary.

adh-fishing: In recent years there has been a trend towards lightweight two-handed and switch rods. For example for small salmon rivers or the sea trout fishery in Argentina. Which model can you recommend here?

Allan Bloch: The 11.7ft, 12.7ft and 12.4ft are highly recommended. For Argentina, because of the strong wind, I would also take the 12,8ft. Especially the 12,3ft #7 (six-piece), which will be released in 2020, was developed for Argentina.

adh-fishing: Your rods have also been seen in use in tropical saltwater. Are there other, heavier rods planned for the future?

Allan Bloch: Yes, absolutely! 9ft # 9, 9ft #10 and 9ft #12 are rods that are currently under discussion.

adh-fishing: What else can we at Nám look forward to in the future?

Allan Bloch: We are currently working on a series of shootingheads and runninglines. You can be very curious about this! A little bit of clothing will certainly be added in 2020. For 2021 Marcus Bohlin and we Nám Ambassadors still have a lot of ideas and plans. But you will find out about that in the course of the year.

adh-fishing: We remain excited! Thank you for your insider knowledge and tight Lines for the salmon season 2020.

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