30 Reasons: Simply mind-blowing!


Martin’s extraordinary will power shows that everything is possible and the main thing that keeps you running are goals. They will push you and finally make the apparently impossible possible.
How overwhelming that moment must be, when you pick up a fly rod and make your first real casts since years of struggle?! That scene really takes your breath…

In this trailer only one of many upcoming problems has been challenged and his journey is just about to start. A total of 30 personal goals – 30 fish, meaning 30 reasons to take a fly rod and travel the world to do what he missed all the years!

We stand by with help and advice since the very beginning and hope that this unique project gets a lot reception and support. Only then it is possible for Berthold & Martin to go on and capture the whole story on camera – we are really looking forward to that!
Have lot of fun and success for the summer in Iceland!

Website: http://30reasonsmovie.com/#intro

Tags: Video