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100% American Hand Made Fly Rods. Over half a century ago, in 1969, the legendary rod maker Tom Dorsey founded Thomas & Thomas together with Tom Maxwell. Their goal: to build unique fly rods with a lot of feeling and a noble finish. Today, half a century later, this goal is being pursued by the new owner and enthusiastic fly fisherman Neville Orsmond with company founder Tom Dorsey. We are fans of the handmade premium rods from the USA, which is why we give you a look behind the T&T brand.


Over the past 50 years Thomas & Thomas has undergone many changes and transformations. Above all, the technological change in the production of fly rods has shaped the company. But the appreciation of quality craftsmanship has also had a significant influence on the development of T&T. The American company from Massachusetts has gone through many ups and downs, which has contributed to an incredible experience in rod building. An experience that pays off and from which fly fishers benefit today!

Neville Orsmond, CEO of T&T since 2014, has led the tradition-rich company into the modern age with giant steps in recent years, making the relentless pursuit of innovation, superior quality and uncompromising performance accessible to a new generation of fly fishers. The 'Thomas & Thomas' brand has experienced a veritable revival and is now known for probably the best handmade fly rods in the USA.

'The rod you will eventually own!' is the confident motto of Thomas & Thomas, who today have a wide range of products to cover all facets of modern fly fishing in both freshwater and saltwater.



Thomas & Thomas

T&T Contact II - Modern high-end nymph rods


Thomas & Thomas fly rods are made by a select group of experienced rod makers in their own factory in Greenfield/Massachusetts. And this from the preparation of the raw material to the last coat of varnish - by hand! In the process, T&T uses only the highest quality materials and employs modern processes that, for example, ensure optimum blank hardening or allow fewer gaps in the graphite. The so-called Low Friction Finish even provides a water-repellent surface that eliminates surface tension and allows less friction. A noticeable innovation that brings a performance advantage to the rods.


Whether for saltwater fishing for strong fighters such as tarpon and GT, or for fine trout fishing on the stream, Thomas & Thomas has a suitable rod for every species, which has been optimally adapted to the respective area of use through years of experience.

  • The Sextant rods, for example, are among the best flagships on the flats. Rods that have been worked with a unique reinforcement strategy that improves the strength and recovery properties of the high performance fibres. The result is a fast, robust rod that takes the fly to maximum distances with little effort, even against the wind, without losing feel or precision.


  • And with the Zone, T &T has introduced a high-performance rod series that is not only extremely versatile, but also impresses with an outstanding price-performance ratio. A milestone in the company's history, as the entire manufacturing process was revised in the course of development to offer the usual premium quality at an extremely attractive price. Fishing with these rods is a real satisfaction, which is why the Zone was named 'Best of Show Saltwater Fly Rod' during the IFTD (International Fly Tackle Dealer Show).


  • In return, however, fans of fine trout fishing also get their money's worth. With the Avantt and the Paradigm, Thomas & Thomas sets new standards in terms of feel and precision. Fly rods that always give you the feeling of having perfect control over the cast and also provide extraordinary fun during the drill. The combination of high-quality materials and a lot of pleasure make the rods of the Freshwater series magical instruments. The Paradigm was named 'Best New Dry Fly Rod' by the American magazine 'Fly Fisherman' for good reason.


  • And the change to modern nymph fishing has not been missed by the guys from Greenfield. With the second generation of the Contact fly rod, T&T has managed to develop a light, extremely sensitive nymph rod that is one of the best nymph rods on the market today. The award 'Best New Euro Rod' in the magazine 'Fly Fisherman' is just one example of the positive feedback that the Contact II has received.


Thomas & Thomas may be a small brand, but it has a huge amount of know-how and over 50 years of priceless practical knowledge, which is reflected in all of the Americans' fly rod models. High-quality materials, a timeless, elegant design and, last but not least, the loving craftsmanship with which each fly rod is finished have led to the fact that T & T fly rods have also found many fans in Europe.

We are also enthusiastic supporters of the beautiful blue blanks, which is why you will find a large selection of Thomas & Thomas rods in our range.


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