Talking with Marina Gibson - New Fishing Adventures



A warm welcome to a new member of the adh-fishing family: Marina Gibson. Marina is a renowned fishing instructor, guide and conservationist. She is the Founder of Northern Fishing School at Swinton Estate in North Yorkshire (UK) and teaches over 400 people a year the art of fly fishing. Follow Marina on Instagram or Facebook, where she shares her passion for fly fishing and the outdoors. And stay tuned for her upcoming articles and videos on our Social Media and here on adh-world.

adh-fishing: Hey Marina! You have been well known to many fly fishers for years. Not only because of your fly fishing school in England, but also because of your many exciting adventures with the fly rod around the globe. And in recent weeks you have also been active on our Instagram channel. 

Marina: Thank you! Yes, I'm thrilled to be working with the ADH-Fishing Team, that trip to Spain was awesome and I can't wait for more like that. I'm looking forward to creating some educational content with you, trial and test different ADH products and review them as well as writing some fun blogs for adh-world. Spain will be the first, so stay tuned and be prepared for a mix of emotions!



Marina and her well deserved reward after hard work in Spain.

adh-fishing: For many years you worked with specific brands in the industry. Now with us. I'm sure many are wondering how this came together.

Marina: About a year ago, I made a poor career move which left me in a vulnerable situation. I do believe that things happen for a reason and I've learned a few important lessons from this, so all is not lost. As a full-time fishing instructor and obsessed fly fisher, I spend a lot of time on the water and as an unsponsored angler for the first time in my career I've been fortunate enough to use all sorts of equipment during the past year. It was an easy decision when there was an opportunity to work with you, the main reason being your expansive collection of fishing products and the freedom of choice.

adh-fishing: Instead of limiting yourself to the products of one manufacturer, you can now choose completely freely. A new experience for you.

Marina: Absolutely! Especially because you have an extensive range of products and so many different brands in your portfolio. Even my favourite floatant! I can really get to grips with all the different types of products that I genuinely like. From fishing rods to flies, fly lines to reels, and even some of the conventional spin fishing tackle which I've been doing more of lately. This collaboration is a great opportunity for me to learn more about different fishing techniques and gear options that I may not have considered before. And also work alongside a great team of passionate anglers.  


adh-fishing: So, from now on, our customers can accompany you regularly to the water on our channels. But you have more in mind.   

Marina: That's right, another aspect that I'm excited about is the opportunity to collaborate on fishing trips. As someone who loves the great outdoors and can spend hours fishing, organising hosted trips for people is a really exciting part of my job. ADH-Fishing will be helping me with all the kit lists making it easy for my companions to organise themselves and make sure they’re ready for action. I cannot wait to see the beautiful locations we will visit and which exciting fish we will catch, and all ADH-Fishing customers are welcome to travel with me on my trips.



During her fishing carreer, Marina has travelled many destinations around the globe.She recently developed a taste for the tropical jungle. 


adh-fishing: What kind of content can adh-fishing customers look forward to in the future?

Marina:  I've been fishing for years now and have experienced a variety of destinations, techniques, and fish species. My knowledge, combined with the products offered by you, will allow me to create content that is educational yet interesting for fellow anglers. I hope to provide helpful tips about flies to use for certain species, handy fishing techniques for different waters, and the most reliable gear to have while fishing. Whilst I still have so much to learn, I really enjoy teaching people what I have learned along the way; seeing them cast a beautiful line and catch their first fish is the most rewarding feeling.



One of Marina's absolute favorite fish: Atlantic Salmon in all shapes and forms, in her English backyard or in a wild, far-away river.


adh-fishing: We spent a week together in Spain and tested many different products. During this time we noticed your passion for rods, reels and other equipment.

Marina: I love testing new products...I will be able to share my honest feedback with the ADH-Fishing community and with the Northern Fishing School, that I run in the UK. This will help other fly fishers in making informed decisions when purchasing new gear. I'm excited to share my opinions on the quality, effectiveness, and durability of different products, and potentially introduce the community to some interesting novelties. I look forward to exploring new fishing products, techniques, and locations while making meaningful connections with other like-minded anglers. Let the new fishing adventure begin!


adh-fishing: Thank you for the chat, Marina. We look very much forward to your valuable input!



Marina bids farewell to a fresh Atlantic Salmon.