Bajio Sunglasses - Sustainably Produced Top Class Polarised Glasses


Bajio Sunglasses – sustainably produced polarized sunglasses with an impressive optical performance! We present the high-end polarized glasses from the USA in detail.


The Spanish word “Bajio” (pronounced “Bah-hee-oh”) describes all kinds of shallow water zones – for instance saltwater flats, gravel banks and the shore areas. These areas often function as “nurseries” where the young fish are born and raised. Therefore, they play an important role for the entire ecosystem. In favour of the environment, the brand Bajio Sunglasses is dedicated to the preservation and renaturation of these areas. Therefore, a considerable part of the proceeds is reinvested in the future of our waters. In addition, throughout the selection of materials and the manufacturing process great emphasis is placed on sustainability.


Sustainable Polarized Glasses

Therefore, all modern frames are made of bio-based nylon which is better for the environment and 10 times stronger than petroleum-based plastic. This plant-based material makes these glasses extremely robust and impressively light. In addition, they come with a stylish case made of plant-based cactus leather. Unlike real leather, the production of this plant-based fabric leaves a significantly smaller ecological footprint. This also applies for all packaging and instruction manuals, which are made from 100% recycled paper and printed with sustainable algae-based ink. Thanks to this company philosophy all glasses from Bajio are completely CO2 neutral!



Stylish Designs

This impressive collection of high-quality polarized sunglasses includes many different frames. All of them have one thing in common: a practice-oriented and stylish design. However, these frames differ in terms of their style, size and fit. Therefore, this extensive collection includes the right frame for almost every head – whether small, large, narrow or wide. Besides casual glasses with a “vintage style” Bajio also offers frames with a so-called “wrap-around” fitting style. This design prevents light from entering from the sides, which otherwise would cause a distracting glare. In fact, this is a huge advantage in bright situations with a constantly changing angle to the sun. Due to their impressively light weight and the comfortable nose pads, all models offer outstanding wearing comfort – even after hours of fishing.


Optical Performance

But there is even more to it than that. These glasses are among the best on the market due to their impressive optical performance. According to the slogan “see more, catch more” they allow a breathtaking view into the underwater world. This will make your fishing simply more effective – both in fresh and saltwater. Due to the innovative LAPIS™ technology, they block 95% of the blue light with a wavelength of 440 nm and the majority of intense yellow light at its peak of 580 nm. In other words: significantly more than the glasses of the competition. This reduction of the distracting light provides impressive clarity and it prevents eye fatigue, which allows you to fish longer and more effectively. Combined with one of the best polarization layers on the market, this creates a truly impressive view – both above and below the surface of the water. Therefore, it is hardly surprising that most fishermen are astonished by their truly remarkable optical performance, which definitely sets new standards.


In addition, Bajio offers two different options regarding the material of the lenses: glass or polycarbonate. The lenses made of real glass offer maximum visual clarity and an impressive resistance against scratching. Polycarbonate lenses, on the other hand, have an extremely light weight and an impressive impact resistance. Regardless of the material, all lenses have oleophobic lens coatings on both sides for easy cleaning and additional scratch protection.


Extensive colour selection

Further, the large selection of lens colours leaves absolutely nothing to be desired. In addition to relatively specialized lenses for very bright situations, Bajio also offers versatile all-round colours for a wide range of different light intensities. Thus, this selection includes the right colour for every situation:


  • Rose Mirror / Red Base: These mirrored lenses have a relatively light all-round colour and a visual light transmission (VLT) of 16%. This high-contrast colour is suitable for a wide range of different light intensities. Therefore, it is a great choice in many situations – for instance for fishing our local streams!



Rose Mirror / Red Base


  • Copper Base: This high-contrast colour with a great all-round performance and a visual light transmission of 14% makes it very easy to spot fish and underwater structures. Therefore, it is a great choice in many different situations – whether you’re fishing a trout stream or saltwater flats.



Copper Base


  • Green Mirror / Brown Base: This is the second darkest colour from Bajio with a visual light transmission of 12%. Therefore, these mirrored lenses are particularly great for bright situations – for instance for fishing saltwater flats or a stream in bright sunlight!



Green Mirror / Brown Base


  • Blue Mirror / Grey Base: These very dark, mirrored lenses with a visual light transmission of 10% are particularly great for bright situations – for instance for fishing bluewater from a boat, saltwater flats or a stream in very bright sunlight!



Blue Mirror / Grey Base


Summarized, the high-quality polarized sunglasses from Bajio are truly impressive – in many different ways. First of all, they allow a breathtaking view into the underwater world due to their outstanding optical performance. In addition, they will not only protect your eyes, but also the environment since they are completely CO2 neutral and produced in a sustainable way. Last but not least, this extensive collection includes every imaginable combination of the different frames and lenses. Thanks to this impressive selection, Bajio offers the perfect model for every fly fisherman both men and women!