adh-fishing Test: Stroft Runningline


The first running line by STROFT completely impressed us right from the start! This Mono Runningline features a flat, rectangular cross-section, which reduces friction and improves the ease of shooting. It also offers minimal memory and the best grip, which we were able to experience for ourselves on the Salmon River in Norway. In this video we introduce you to the Stroft Runningline 'Made in Germany' in a field test.


Stroft Flat Mono Runningline in Detail:

  • Flat Mono - monofilament running line with a flat, rectangular cross-section
  • Low diameter without coating - super handling and maximum casting distances
  • Perfectly tuned stretch properties
  • Smooth and curl-free - even at low temperatures
  • Length 35m
  • Available breaking strains: 25lbs, 35lbs, 42lbs, 50lbs
  • Color: light blue matt



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50 lbs: 0,42 x 0,84 mm
Stroft Runningline
Content 35 meter (€0.66 / 1 meter)
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