Guideline Coastal Fly Line Slow Intermediate

Guideline Coastal Fly Line Slow Intermediate

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€84.90 *

Content: 32 meter (€2.65 * / 1 meter)

COASTAL is aimed at flyfishers targeting Seatrout, Sea Bass and other species requiring a stealthy approach and long, accurate casts with a flyline that leaves no wake on the surface. The low-profile head has a length of 10,5 meters and transfers into a floating runningline that makes up the rest of this 32 meter long WF line.
Coastal Slow Intermediate is built on a DC core, it will detect the tiniest pulls from a shy fish. The sink rate is 1,25 cm/sec. making it ideal for fishing just under the surface, even at a relatively slow retrieve. This density might require you to pull the line down under the surface during certain conditions. This is only natural for a line, as close to neutral as this one.

COASTAL Fast Intermediate has a sink-rate of 3.8cm/sec. The DC core will help detect subtle takes and set the hook effortlessly, even at long range.

slow intermediate, WF
floating Runningline
Color: light/dark blue

Length: 32 m
Sink rate: 1,25 cm / Sek